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Gut health is a new frontier in health and overall wellness

There is a growing body of evidence between the health of your gut and overall wellness, and we’re now at the beginning stages of applying these findings in new and exciting ways.

The gut is starting to be recognized as the new brain of the body, integral to physiological functions ranging from regulating inflammation and immunity to even things like mood, sleep and stress.

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Gut Health Guides

A beginners guide

Nourishing your gut microbiome

Fine tune your habits and diet to nourish the beneficial microbes that contribute to a healthy gut

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A intermediate guide

Prebiotics for gut health

Prebiotics are fuel for gut microbes. Learn how they benefit you and your microbiome

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An advanced guide

Exploring probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria that are beneficial to our health, especially to our gut health

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A intermediate guide

Medications and gut health

Broaden your knowledge about how common medications can affect your gut health

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An advanced guide

Probiotics for health issues

Connect to promising findings on using probiotics for specific health conditions

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An educational quiz

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Get a better understanding of your gut health knowledge and connect to the latest insights

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